Granada 03.11.24 - 10.11.24

Michael & Eva

For many years, Michael and Eva have been united by Tango. Their goal is to teach what makes Tango Argentino so unique: the mutual connection, the demanding basic techniques of walking and turning, leading and following, and the many subtle impulses. The dance flow, the so-called "flow" - the lightness. The deep happiness that comes from dancing tango cannot be planned, let alone forced. But it is learnable. We will show you the basics that will bring you closer to this goal.

The inner connection and stability in the axis, good contact, good communication, mindfulness, and awareness in subtle movements are learnable prerequisites for this. It enables joy and relaxed dancing at the milongas.


Alhambra Palace Hotel

The hotel is situated on a hill above Granada, in the heart of the Alhambra. The view over this fascinating city is magnificent. Since 1910, the hotel has represented luxury, indulgence, elegance, and hospitality at the highest level. Inspired by the Nasrid Palaces, it is a true ode to the love of detail. With more than a century of history, it offers a unique experience.


Granada - Stunning views that seem like they are copied from a fairy tale book, historical buildings, winding alleys, and tapas bars where you can end warm summer nights for little money. Not to forget, the beautiful Alhambra, which will surely make every one of you swoon!


Granada 2024 program and prices
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